Google to restrict ads for online trading

Hi all, please be advised that Google is planning to restrict the advertisement of certain trading instruments in June, meaning that you have a little over two months to make the most of your AdWords campaigns before the ban is put into motion.

The new restricted financial products policy, as referred to in Google’s recent post, will apply to the following financial products:





You can still advertise all trading instruments through AdWords before the new policy sets in. The remaining two months could earn you a big audience of dedicated traders, which could significantly increase your profit in the long term.

The upcoming changes don’t necessarily mean that you have to give up all the benefits AdWords has to offer. IQ Option is planning to release a trading instrument that doesn’t fall within the scope of Google’s restrictions, meaning you’ll be able to advertise the new product via AdWords. More updates will follow in the coming months.

How the new policy might affect you

Starting from June, affiliates will no longer be able to:

Advertise trading instruments including CFDs, Forex, options, cryptocurrencies through Google AdWords

Promote their own traffic sources such as blogs and websites using keywords that mention prohibited financial products

Google’s new policy does not allow affiliates to advertise any of products mentioned above, even if these products are certified. While IQ Option is set to obtain all necessary certifications for its account in the nearest future, these certifications cannot be applied to other accounts that promote IQ Option, including affiliates’ ones.

Before the policy takes effect, we recommend you to use Google AdWords to the fullest extent possible by promoting the soon-to-be prohibited financial instruments and your own traffic sources that contain information about these instruments. Make sure to exclude brand-related keywords from targeting in your campaigns (please see pp. 8.2.5 and 8.2.6 of the Affiliate Agreement).