New multipliers for oil and gold (for non-regulated traders)

Back in the old days, cameras didn’t have a selfie mode, dinosaurs roamed the earth and the only multiplier that commodity traders could apply was ×150. Let’s put this dark past behind us.

Meet the new ×25, ×50, ×75 and ×100 multipliers that are already available for trading Gold, Crude Oil WTI and Brent. Wait, but isn’t the rule of thumb “the bigger the better”?

If you’re monitoring the news, you may be aware of the recent stock market decline and the slash in prices of commodities that occurred at the time of uncertainty. The surprising twist increased demand for smaller (read: less risky) multipliers, so use it to your advantage to attract even more commodity traders.

As for users in the EU countries, they can only count on multipliers of up to ×20 for trading gold and no more than ×10 for trading crude oil WTI and Brent.

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