What are the Most Popular Option Types?

There are several binary options trading types that you should be aware of. These include call and put options, one touch options and boundary trading options. Starting with call/put options, you simply forecast whether the price of the underlying asset will increase at expiry time or decrease at expiry time. The next available option is known as the one touch trade. With this option you will be provided a target price point at the commencement of the trade. Should the underlying asset reach that price (touch that price or exceed it) at any point during the trade’s duration, your investment will pay out. Note that you will always know ahead of time what the price point is, because the broker will provide it to you. The final option type that you need to be aware of is known as a boundary trade. These range-bound trades have fixed price points. When you make your trade, you will make a decision as to whether the asset price will fall within that price range or outside of that price range.

Naturally, there are multiple variations of each of the aforementioned trades. Sometimes it is entirely possible to generate a profit of 300% on things like one touch options. Of course, it all depends on the broker you have selected in order for you to generate a payout so generous. One should be cognizant of the fact that payouts in the 300% range have stringent requirements that need to be met. If the price seems unlikely to be attained, you may need to wager on that particular price being reached in order to receive that type of payout.