Stopping losses, fixing profits

Our traders were asking for this, and our team strived to deliver!
Welcome the new features on our platform – take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL) on Forex and Crypto assets.

SL and TP are the two most important elements of trade management. Their role in trading is almost similar to the technical analysis, but with one distinction – the one is done before opening the position, and the second one takes care of everything happening next.

In simple terms, the take-profit is a certain value of the price at which an automatic completion of the transaction occurs.

Stop loss, as well as take profit – a tool to fix the transaction to achieve a certain price, with the only difference that the stop loss is needed to minimize the losses of the trader and not make him profit. In fact, the stop-loss is a way of ensuring the security of trading in financial markets.







Stop-loss and take-profit on the IQ Option platform
We strongly recommend that you reflect the availability of these functions in your platform reviews and announcements, because they provide tremendous benefits to traders.

The reason traders use SL or TP is to manage their trades more effectively. For example, trading without a stop-loss can potentially exhaust all your investment amount. Similarly, you can imagine how much the take-profit function simplifies the life of the trader without letting the investment to be lost to market fluctuations, instead of closing the position at the most profitable price.

Well, the most obvious advantage of SL and TP is, of course, the release of the trader from the need for a permanent presence in the trading terminal. Having set the necessary indicators, you can safely go about your business, knowing that the positions will be closed according to the established criteria.