Unleashing the crypto beast

How many steps do you need to take to buy one Bitcoin? Many.

But there is a solution to this!

IQ Option proudly presents, Open Trading Network, born to solve the existing crypto market issues, bring networks together and unite market participants, ensuring their best interests.

We have made a product so awesome, we can hardly contain ourselves!
Our main goal is to join isolated blockchain networks into a unified open network.

Just as the emergence of the Internet connected corporate and university networks and generated a huge number of new industries, the Open Trading Network will similarly merge isolated blockchain networks to create the infrastructure of the future.

What can OTN offer you?

For consumers (users of cryptocurrency):

Universal crypto wallet. All assets in one place;
Trust and guarantees. Automatic smart contract based on real assets insurance;
Legal compliance;
Universal tokenization and cross-chain exchange;
24/7 Trading, Speed and Reliability;
Complex trading tools for investment and trading;
For businesses (small companies and large corporations):

Issuing tokens in an ecosystem with instant release to the marketplace;
Connecting payment systems, quick, affordable and reliable;
Crowdfunding, loyalty programs, etc.;
Customer acquisition and controlling the audience;
For traders (companies and people who provide liquidity in markets):

Speed: Fast orders and processing;